Are you struggling to feel happy, fulfilled, authentic and/or connected?  Do you feel caught in repeating cycles and patterns you would like to move on from? Are you wishing for a greater sense of purpose, empowerment, hope?  I hear you, and I get it.  Life is hard, let’s be honest.  We could all use some support from time to time. Yet while I can promise you that life’s challenges aren't going away anytime soon, times of struggle can hold the greatest opportunities for growth.  As cliche as this may sound, my personal and professional experience has led me to strongly believe that healing and transformation are absolutely possible for everyone.  We are living in a time when we are both more connected and more disconnected from one another than ever.  Time saved by technology is consumed by our gadgets, and we are finding it harder and harder to “unplug” in order to truly “connect”, with ourselves and with others.  My passion is for creating a warm, safe and non-judgmental space in which you are able to stop, rest, be present in the here and now, listen and give voice to your deeper truths.  All parts of you are welcome in our session, and nothing is “too much”.  I am here to listen to your story, and to accept you completely as is.   Many say that therapy is about change.  Change can feel terrifying, and it is bloody courageous to give therapy a try.  The good news is that change can begin in any moment, and I'm here to help you carve out the time to take those conscious steps towards the you and the life you want to be living.

     I believe it is essential to work with the whole being in therapy, engaging the mind, body and spirit in the process of change.  In my strengths-based, holistic approach, we will work towards integrating the mental, emotional, physical, relational and spiritual layers of your experience.  Inspired by the ancient teachings of Buddhism and Yoga philosophy, I incorporate a variety of mindfulness-based approaches to therapy, offering my clients skills and coping techniques for managing life’s stresses.  What do I mean by mindfulness?  Being mindful can mean being aware of your state of mind, your feelings, your body, and your actions and reactions in the present moment.  It can also mean practicing an openhearted and warm compassion, with acceptance and appreciation for the moment's imperfections and graces.  Mindfulness-based psychotherapy invites mindfulness practice into the therapy room, and into daily life, recognizing that these simple shifts in awareness can transform our lives.  Whether dealing with past trauma or current symptoms, these practices offer relief and healing, and are entirely doable, at your pace, step by step.  Together, you and I will build a toolbox of resources you can depend on when navigating life’s demands, big and small.  These same tools will enable you to embrace growth, meaning and purpose, self-compassion, intimate relationships, and the quality of life you deeply crave. 

     All these fancy words aside, each person has a unique story, style, and way of working through the messy stuff in life and in therapy.  I will collaborate with you and meet you where you are.  Together, we'll find what speaks to you, and what doesn't.  I strive to honor and support the individuality of each of my clients.  No philosophy or therapeutic approach is more important than listening in the here and now to what is true for the human being I am with.



Buddhist Psychology • Yoga Philosophy • Existential Psychotherapy • Post-Modern Narrative & Constructivist Approaches • Positive, Strengths-Based Psychology • Anthroposophy • Trauma-informed Psychotherapy • Interpersonal Neurobiology 

 “Our thoughts about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be.”  ―Anthony Robbins